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Recent articles

Our Top Ten Women in Wellness

Our Top Ten Women in Wellness

March 08, 2022

Recent articles

Our Top Ten Women in Wellness

March 08, 2022

Our Top Ten Women in Wellness

Happy International Women’s Day! Today we celebrate all the amazing achievements women have made and have yet to make and what better way for Potyque, a woman-owned business, to celebrate than by shining a light on our favourite women in wellness. 

Below we’ve handpicked some of our top ten women in wellness who are making big waves in both the wellness and CBD sectors, from journalists to carers and beyond.

Ruby Deevoy - CBD Journalist at The CBD Consultancy

(Image credit: Twitter @RDeevoy)

Ruby Deevoy is a freelance journalist with expertise in CBD, natural health and wellbeing and has written for some of the nation's biggest media publications such as The Express, Good Health, Elle and more.  

Ruby first turned her full attention to the world of CBD after seeing first-hand the effects that CBD can have, using her expertise in health, she began to shine a light on the fantastic world of CBD. Ruby is a huge advocate and inspiring campaigner for sharing the positive benefits of CBD, writing opinions and reviews for national newspapers and magazines. We’re delighted Ruby included Potyque’s 10% CBD oil in The Indy Best List. 

Find out more about Ruby at: 


Lauren Ash - Founder of Black Girl in Om

(Image credit:

Lauren Ash wanted to create a space where black women could come together around the world and support each other in their spiritual and emotional journeys.  

Since starting Black Girl in Om in 2014, Lauren has grown the community worldwide and is now a respected speaker, writer and spiritual teacher. Lauren also hosts the successful Black Girl in Om podcast and regularly runs workshops on meditation and yoga.    

Find out more about Lauren and Black Girl in Om at: 


Chloe Brotheridge - Hypnotherapist and Founder of Calmer You 

(Image credit: 
Chloe Brotheridge)

Chloe Brotheridge is a renowned anxiety coach and Hypnotherapist who not only built the amazing community found through the Calmer You podcast but also writes for big named publications like The Guardian and Marie Claire, helping people better manage their anxiety.  

Chloe struggled with anxiety and panic attacks until she decided to take action, becoming a pro at reading self-help books, booking into regular therapy and eventually training to be an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Now she helps others through her podcast and her best-selling books ‘The Anxiety Solution’ and ‘The Confidence Solution’.   

Find out more about Chloe at:  


Rachel Philpotts - Nutrition & Mood Expert at Re-Nutrition

(Image credit: Rachel Philpotts)

Rachel Philpotts is a registered nutritionist and mental health expert who now offers busy business-minded women a way to take care of their minds and bodies in equal measure.  

Rachel now works closely with her clients using her ‘Mood Boosting Method’ to help them get back to themselves, beat fatigue, overcome overwhelm and feel more in control of their own lives. Rachel provides a number of ways her clients can get back on track, with personalised holistic and nutritional advice, stress management tips and so much more.     

Find out more about Rachel at: 


Lydia Kimmerling - Life Coach and Founder of The Happiness Explorer

(Image credit: 
Lydia Kimmerling)

Lydia Kimmerling is a certified life and business coach who has helped hundreds of people find their happiest life. At 28 Lydia realised that there was so much more out there to be achieved and discovered than where she was, she longed to find a life that made her truly happy. Ten years later, Lydia moved to her ideal home of Ibiza with a hugely successful coaching business and helping others to find their dream life.  

Lydia helps others to break out of a ‘happiness waiting game’ and finally start working towards a more fulfilling and joyous life. With her team of coaches, workshops and 1:1 coaching, Lydia is a real powerhouse in the world of wellness.  

Find out more about Lydia at:  


Black Women For Wellness


(Image credit:

Although we’re shedding some light on individuals, we couldn’t leave out this amazing group of women who have built the phenomenal Black Women for Wellness community.  

The Black Women for Wellness organisation was founded by a group of amazing women, Akua Jitahadi, Moyofune Deas Balewa, Shquestra Sitawi, Claude Kiti Butamante, Jan Robinson Flint and Ndoni Forbes. The community aims to connect black women more closely with health and wellbeing, through health education, advocacy and empowerment. They have a whole host of programs that help to educate and guide black women to leave healthier and happier lives and have been a huge form of support throughout the pandemic.  

Find out more about Black Women for Wellness at: 


Lucinda Miller - Herbalist and Functional Medicine Practitioner at Nature Doc Clinic

(Image credit:

Lucinda Miller was once a high-flying businesswoman working as an analyst at an investment bank, but exhaustion, stress and fatigue started to take their toll. After someone at work suggested Lucinda visit a naturopathic iridologist that she slowly started to notice gradual improvements to her wellbeing.   

Now, Lucinda is a qualified herbalist and functional medicine practitioner and has helped her own patients to turn their lives around and find a more natural way of managing their symptoms. She uses a combination of food, natural food supplements, herbs and a ‘positive approach to healthy habits’ in order to give all her clients the best route to amazing results.  

Find out more about Lucinda at: 

Janice Buu - Founder of Kana Skincare

(Image credit: LinkedIn/Janice Buu)

Janice Buu started her career as a behavioural therapist for children with developmental disorders and it is here that she first experienced how powerful CBD could be. Janice would eventually combine her love for K-Beauty, aromatherapy and CBD to create the amazing skincare brand, Kana Skincare.  

Kana merges the benefits of K-Beauty and CBD to create some profound skincare products that are spa-grade and truly luxurious to use. The products are fully-plant based and focused on holistic beauty for all skin types placing Kana at the frontline of innovative CBD skincare.      

Find out more about Janice Buu at: 

Kavita Oberoi OBE - Entrepreneur 

(Image credit:

Hugely successful, Kavita Oberoi, is the founder of Oberoi Consulting, a Business Healthcare Consultancy. Kavita has been listed as ‘one of Britain's 100 most entrepreneurial women’ and in 2014 she was awarded with an OBE for services to entrepreneurship.  

As well as business acumen and her passion for wellness, we really admire Kavita’s dedication to supporting charities. Kavita says that the blessings she's had in her life are a result of giving, whether it is money, skills or connections. She practices the ethos that wellness should play a key part in her life and those around her. Kavita is currently Chair of the Global Girls’ Fund board. Set up by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, the Global Girls’ Fund supports work that empowers young women and teaches the life skills they need to succeed and prosper. 

What an inspiration! Read up on Kavita here:  


Kimberly Dillon - Founder of Frigg Wellness 

(Image credit:

Kimberly Dillon was one of the many women suffering from stress and burnout and soon decided to do something about it for the benefit of her overall wellbeing. At the time Kimberly was working within the Cannabis industry in the US and it was her experience in this industry that led her to the world of CBD.  

After using a free bottle of CBD oil she’d received at a trade show, she started to notice the amazing effects that the CBD oil had on her skin and hair. Soon Kimberly was designing her own products to help others get smooth, healthy and nourished skin and hair and Frigg was born.  

Found out more about Kimberly at: 


Potyque Founder, Michelle Rust comments on her journey ...

"I don’t see myself as in wellness expert or indeed an inspirational leader. I simply work hard to show my children the importance of having a strong work ethic that they will adopt too.  Sadly, nothing comes free in life, unless you are very very lucky! 
Whether it’s my business consultancy, insight6 that gets me excited through the clients I currently work with or delivering the best customer experience to our Potyque clients, I am motivated to be the best I can be with anyone I connect with.  
My motto has always been to be the best version of myself and try to accept any opportunity that comes my way.... you never know where it may lead you. So far, that path hasn’t done me any harm, and I’ve had lots of fun along the way.  
Make sure to check out all these amazing women this International Women's Day. Of course, today we’ll be celebrating Potyque Founder, Michelle, and her inspiring journey for launching the business."  

Read more about Potyque in the about us section.  


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